The Translect project is about exploring audiovisual recursive systems and translations between different signals and protocols.

Some impressions of the third iteration (showcased at Bring Your Own Beamer 2019, Utrecht) of my Translect project can be seen in the video below.
For this iteration I skipped the performance part and introduced a generative system made in Max/MSP that controlled a Panasonic WJ-MX50 videomixer via the RS232 protocol. Videosources are modified testsignal generators, feedbackloops via camera and feedbackloops via cable and videoprocessors. Sound sources are transistor radios reacting to the electrostatic/magnetic field of the CRT tv’s.

A fourth iteration, working with multiple WJ-MX50 mixers, was showcased at the HKU Graduation Festival of 2020.

An example of the first “try-out” version of this project can be seen below. Direct translations are made between a videomixer and audiomixer. The developments are controlled by hand.