Roel Weerdenburg is a visual artist and sonic designer. During his study and after his graduation at Music & Technology, University of the Arts Utrecht, he has been focussing on the composition and performance of electronic music, the creation of sound and video and building audio/visual installations.
Recurring techniques in his works are complex feedback systems, the exploration and exploitation of sonic and visual artefacts, combining obsolete hardware with modern technologies, and the spatial use of sound and video.

Roel’s composititons and performances focus on rhythm and the timbral developments of sound. While being drawn towards artificial and synthesized sounds, he also composed and performed (electro-)acoustic music.
The audio/visual installations he creates mainly focus on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment.

Compositions, installations and performances were presented at places like Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Le Guess Who Festival, WORM Rotterdam, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Uncloud Festival, Bring Your Own Beamer, FAQ Festival, Pitch Festival and Amsterdam Dance Event.

At this moment Roel has recurring projects as an (performing) artists, sound technician, (co-)organizer of events and educator.

Contact is possible via contact[at]roelweerdenburg[dot]com