Don’t Mass With My Head

This TV/CRT installation displays a diverse collection of video works made by international artists. The videos are personal and societal, combining abstract and essayistic approaches to filmmaking.

Featured videos and artists:
“Spare a Quarter for Disaster” and “Мясорубка” by Neda Ruzheva 
“Met Vriendelijke Groeten” by Jezus Cinco 
“Brick By Brick” by Jan Kees Helms 
“AI_AV.4” and “datacenter” Lars Bijleveld 
“Folding Space 3.0 in process” by Sol Enae Lee & M.C. Julie Yu
“End Scene” by Joris van Suijdam  
“Fake Jazz” by Henrietta Müller 
“Synthetic Bug” by Ana Brumat 
“Bottled feeling in a plague" by Richard Guenne & Rita Pereira 
“Humandeath" by Ender Yildizhan
“Contemporary Baptism" by Terrorartsquad TAS
“Only a superficial change [the never-ending haircut]” by Koter Vilmos
“Memories of the present" by Beáta Kolbašovska