with Marjolein van der Laan

The Sillicon Passion residency that I did together with Marjolein van der Laan at SETUP existed of two parts.
The first part was the research of Silicon Valley’s Big Tech companies, how they behave, control industries, societies and economies, how they influence people, but most importantly for me, how can we (if possible at all) make them do things that we all benefit from.

The second part was creating a theatrical presentation of that research. On this page you can find some footage of the final presentation, which was a performative, audiovisual installation. During the performance, taking place on Good Friday, I built an installation consisting of a series of BarcoNet ADVM14 broadcast monitors. The eventual structure had the shape of a cross, resembling the cross that Jezus had to carry up the mountain during the Way of the Cross, and the cross that he was nailed on. Displayed on this structure were videos made by Marjolein and me, consisting of fragments about Big Tech and the many forms of how it affects us, either positive or negative. The audio was a composition of all the different videoloops running simultaneously.

All pictures on this page are made by Medialab SETUP / Sebastiaan ter Burg.