Analog Studio @ Music & Technology, University o/t Arts Utrecht

Together with Sjef van der Heijden, Antal van Nie and Maurice van Kampen, I did a massive overhaul of the beloved but neglected Analog Studio of the University of the Arts of Utrecht. It was a monstrous project, but in the end it was definitely worth it. Check these pics for your daily dose of gear.

Two overview pics of the Analog Studio.

Yamaha Disklavier. Pretty cool if the mechanism was working.

Roland System 100M.

The workspace with Nord Modular G1.

A custom MIDI-patchbay for all the routings you could ever need.

Hohner something something and the massive but not so intuitive Oberheim Matrix-6.

Effect rack and a racked Roland Jupiter 8.

A&H Mixwizard and custom 120 point patchbay to get those routings flowing.

The not-so-impressive-yet eurorack part. Needs some attention and expansion.

Synton Holland modular! Very rare!

ARP 2600 and some lab gear