Reaktor Katharsis

As a passionate raver myself, I went to Reaktor parties ever since they started organizing. Of course I was super excited when the Reaktor crew asked me to provide a videoinstallation for their Katharsis streaming event (there were no parties allowed because of the covid pandemic).
The idea was to create a visual background decor for two performances by TAFKAMP and Volition Immanent. As soon as I got all the logo’s and names I created some glitchy videos (see example above) that were suitable to play from a looping mediaplayer.
On the day itself we made an arrangement of screens and plants. I also programmed a videomatrix to switch according to certain patterns, so the composition as a whole would variate continuously. Please check the two videos below to see the final result.

This project resulted in a collaboration with Parrish Smith, part of Volition Immanent, for his debut album “Light, Cruel & Vain” and single “Never Break Faith”. See this page for more info.