Rental & Services

Since my collection of audio and video hardware is growing steadily, I’m able to offer an accessible rental service for fellow video-artists, students, expositions, festivals and others that are interested.

Check the pictures and information below. Please contact me for inquiries or if you have any questions. I’m not going to give you a fixed price here, because I think every situation asks for a different inquiry. Keep in mind that any form of a deposit could be needed depending on the situation and the gear you want to rent.


Mediaplayers – all videoformats (incl audio) via composite and HDMI
Extron MAV88 – 8in/8out composite video matrix
Extron MAV – 8in/8out VGA video matrix
Kramer … – 2in/8out composite video distribution
Kramer … – video processor
Pioneer DVD-V8000 – DVD player (not for recording)
Panasonic WJ-MX50 – analog video mixer
Panasonic WJ-MX70 – analog/digital video mixer
Panasonic WJ-AVE5 – analog video mixer
Edirol V4EX – analog/digital video mixer
Different cameras
Lots of different CRT monitors and TVs. Consumer and professional grade, high and low quality, some identical sets or lot of different ones. I also have a small amount of LCD and LED screens available.


Soundcraft Ui24R – 24 channel digital mixer/recorder
Mackie 1402VLZ4 – 6 mono/4 stereo mixer
Allen & Heath Mixwizard3 14:4:2 – 10 mono/4 stereo mixer
Allen & Heath XONE:23 – 2 channel dj mixer
Allen & Heath XONE:PX5 – 4 channel dj mixer

Compact but powerful Mini Soundsystem:
2x Turbosound IQ12 – 12″ 2500 watt active fullrange speakers (perfect as monitors)
2x Turbosound IQ18B – 18″ 3000 watt active subwoofer
This system comes with speaker stands.

Not so compact but 10+ kilowatt CircuitFreax Soundystem:
4x 18Sound DIY – 18″ 1200 watt hornloaded subwoofer
4x Cubo Kicks – 15″ 500 watt hornloaded kicks (midlow range)
4x Community SLS920 – fullrange 200 watt speaker
2x Martin Audio MH212 – dual 12″ 300 watt mid-bass
4x EAW SB250 – dual 15″ 2000 watt reflex subwoofer
2x EAW SB180 – 18″ 1000 watt reflex infra subwoofer
Processing and amplifier racks

Small and personal sound monitoring (for exhibitions, galleries, musea):
2x active studio speakers
2x monitor stands
4x monitoring headphones

Different configurations are possible depending on what you need.


Schuko, 6.3mm jack, RCA, XLR, composite over RCA or BNC, VGA, MIDI, USB… I have a lot.

I also have some other stuff, think of oscilloscopes, transistor radios, soldering irons, other tools, flightcases, etc.