Since 2014 I have been doing mastering services for different artists and labels, covering mutliple genres and styles of electronic music. Currently I am doing this on a more permanent basis for labels like Natural Sciences RecordsShimmering Moods Records and Everyone on Acid Records.

If you are interested in my mastering services, please check the testimonials and ofcourse some of the mastered audio demos below. You can always contact me for questions.

“Roel provides excellent mastering work for the label “Everyone On Acid” since March 2018. Easy-going in communication and he truly strives to deliver mastered tracks on time. This is something I highly appreciate. Moreover he is always open for discussion and listens to the needs of his client. Much respect to this talented sound engineer, giving a finishing touch to your release.”
Kegffnayy / Everyone On Acid

Very happy with the masters! Roel has treated the original tracks with much respect and cleaned them up nicely without losing the rough and low-fi aesthetics. He has also been keeping me informed and involved in the process. Recommend!”

“Working with Roel Weerdenburg has been a real pleasure on all levels. The work he did on my album “Motion Reverse” certainly improved the whole sound and scope of my recording. Not only did the sound become warmer but the whole recording became much richer in textures. The details of my production also revealed itself in a much clearer way. I felt that the sound underneath the surface became much more focused and heightened the whole listening experience. Roel was also very cooperative and easy to work with and I felt that he had a patient ear and understanding for the final result. I would warmly recommend his mastering skills to anyone who works within the ambient and electronic music sphere. He is a very solid and inspired sound technician. Thanks!”
Benjamin Finger

“Roel’s mastering skills are great, we have been working with him successfully from his start as an engineer. With his no- nonsense approach, quick and reliable service, good communication and knowledge it’s always a pleasure to work with him. He always keeps it close to the original with a lot of respect for the original sound and the way its meant to be! Highly recommended!!”
Shimmering Moods Records