“I Wish You Wings To Dare” Videotour

For this audio/video tour  I worked together with Femke Hoekstra and Neslihan Kaymak. We had a very short time to work on this product. It was part of the Gobsquad project, a collaboration between the Gobsquad Collective and multiple disciplines of the University of the Arts Utrecht. You can find all the needed info below. Click here to go to the video.

Several students from HKU worked in interdisciplinary teams with Gob Squad, an artists collective from UK and German artists.
In the last three weeks with Gob Squad the students have created 5 different augmented reality videotours through the city center of Utrecht.
They invite you to watch the city in a completely different way, zoomed in on specific stories and details that often are unseen.

To do these walks you need a couple of things:
A charged phone with the videofile downloaded on to it, or a link to the videostream and a permanent internet connection. The links are below.
You also need a headphone for the audio part. To start the videowalk go to starting point. You can find the starting points on the map. Start the video when your view is matching the video still or the first frame you see.
Now follow the video. If it moves, try to move with it. If the frame starts walking, walk the same way. Don’t forget to be aware of your surroundings and traffic. Walk safe.

I Wish You Wings To Dare tells an unknown story about one of the strangest shops in Utrecht. This tour starts on the stairs a building of the University at Janskerkhof, at the busstop. The red circle on the map marks the spot.