Timetosser / modular demo video

Recently I got an invitation from Tim Walther to come over with my modular and make a demovideo with the Timetosser he developed. This device matches perfectly with the beats I normally make.
In short, it is a delay device with a delay comparable to the one in the Elektron Octatrack, but obviously more compact and in my opinion more intuitive and flexible. It needs some learning, but this the results make it worth while.
I hope that I can integrate it into my live performance setup.

*~ feedback // Multiplied Feedback Studie

This etude is made in the analog studio for the Sonic Design class at University of the Arts Utrecht. Assignment was to make a multiplied feedback patch based on the picture in the video.

Used System:
Synton Holland Modular
Roland System 100
ARP 2600
Eurorack Modular (Erica Synths, Doepfer, Livestock Electronics, MFB)