Uncloud 2020

Uncloud 2020 is a wrap! I can’t really describe how much fun I had, how good the vibe was with all the people I already knew or met, or how interesting all the works, performances and artists were… You should have been there and if you didn’t, you should be there next year!

For more info and pictures of my work panOptical that was exhibited at the Uncloud festival exposition, check here!

Uncloud Festival 2020

The word is out! I’m working on a site-specific installation at the former Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht for the Uncloud Festival expo. Exciting venue, amazing works from a lot of other artists, be sure to come by and check it all!

And of course the festival itself and the Modulation opening concert are some of the things you can’t miss! The very best of Utrecht concentrated in a week of music, sound, installations, workshops, etc. Just be there!

Translect // Explorations of audiovisual recursive systems

Translations between analog audio and video signals gone right/wrong. The signals don’t understand each other because they work in different ways, but also have a lot in common.

The 0.X series are performances that all have nearly the same starting point.