Roel Weerdenburg is a composer, sonic designer and visual artist. Recurring techniques in his works are complex feedback systems, explorations of sonic and visual artefacts, combining hard- and software and the spatial use of sound and video.

His musical works and performances are strongly focussed on rhythm and timbral developments of sound. While being drawn towards the synthesis of sounds, he also composes acoustic and electro-acoustic music.

The audio/visual installations he makes are focussed on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment.

His compositions, installations and performances were presented at places like Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht), Uncloud Festival (Utrecht), Bring Your Own Beamer, FAQ Festival (Den Bosch), Pitch Festival (Amsterdam) and Amsterdam Dance Event.

At this moment he has recurring projects as an autonomous artists, mastering engineer, as a technical producer/manager, sound designer, (co-)organizer of events, as curator, etc. Anything with the combination of art and technology will do.

Roel is based in Utrecht.